If you’ve never had a macaron (not to be confused with a macaroon,) you’re missing out, my friend! These tiny parisian delights are being dubbed ‘the next cupcake’ by goodie lovers the world around.

Each Geek Sweets macaron has its own personality, and all of them are handmade to savour for their delicacy and unique character. A great replacement for the tired old ‘box of chocolates.’



(coming soon!)

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Specializing in tasty treats for the more geekily inclined, Geek Sweets is a home-based bakery making specialty cakes, cupcakes, cookies and other yummy baked goods. Everything is made from scratch with the freshest Vancouver ingredients, just like grandma used to make. If grandma made cookies shaped like weighted companion cubes and Battlestar Galacticakes.

From a specialty Simpsons wedding cake to a dozen halloween brain cupcakes, no order is too big or too small for Geek Sweets.

Drop me a line at  jenny@geeksweets.net, or call 778-991-4335 in the Vancouver area and let's talk nerdy.


Browse our current menu below, then drop us a line at jenny@geeksweets.net or give us a call at 778-991-GEEK to place your order.

There is a minimum order of 1 dozen macarons, and 1 flavour per dozen. However, we often have extra flavours on hand and can offer an assortment. Contact us to find out currently available flavours.

Macarons are $20 per dozen, $24 if you'd like them gift wrapped with ribbon and a tag - makes a great gift!

Red Velvet
Red velvet macaron with a hint of cocoa and a smooth cream cheese frosting

Orange macaron with 60 % cocoa dark chocolate ganache filling
Lemon macaron with lemon buttercream and a homemade lemon curd filling
Key Lime
Key lime macaron with tangy lime frosting and graham cracker crumbs
Blackberry macaron with vanilla bean frosting and blackberry jam center
Chocolate Chai
Chocolate macaron with a chai spiced white chocolate ganache filling

Raspberry Vanilla
Raspberry macaron with vanilla bean frosting and a raspberry jam center

Vanilla macaron with a sweet buttercream filling, dotted with actual vanilla bean
Save the trip to Hogsmeade! Cream soda macaron with
butterscotch filling
Pistachio macaron, dotted with ground pistachio, filled with pistachio cream
Rocket Pop
Cherry and blue raspberry shells, filled with a tangy lime buttercream
Chocolate Peanut Butter Brownie
Chewy chocolate
macaron with creamy peanut butter frosting

Chocolate Hazelnut
Chocolate macaron, topped with hazelnuts, filled with chocolate hazelnut buttercream

East Meets Zest
Both rosewater and pistachio macaron shells with grapefruit buttercream
Love Tea #7
Strawberry rose macaron, tea-infused milk chocolate ganache, and jam
So popular, it's now available all year 'round! Creamy and smoooooooth.
Pistachio with vanilla ice cream buttercream and cherry filling. Bada-bing, baby!
Mystery Mac
This month's mystery flavour. All kinds of crazy tastes, changed up monthly!