Many of our cupcakes are available as cupcake nanos! Containing the same homemade fillings and deluxe frostings as our regular size cupcakes, they are perfect when all you want is a bite. Minimum order 3 dozen. 1 flavour per 3 dozen. 

Classic: $1.25 / Deluxe: $2.00

Launch your business or cater an event the Geek Sweets way, with handmade edible logos & toppers. (And while you're at it, check out Halftone Media for beautifully designed photo albums for professional photographers!)

Ordering cupcakes for your wedding but still want to smoosh pieces of cake in each other's faces? Add a small matching cake and place it on the top tier of your cupcake tower for an eyecatching dessert your guests will remember! Price varies depending on design - contact us for a quote.

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Specializing in tasty treats for the more geekily inclined, Geek Sweets is a home-based bakery making specialty cakes, cupcakes, cookies and other yummy baked goods. Everything is made from scratch with the freshest Vancouver ingredients, just like grandma used to make. If grandma made cookies shaped like weighted companion cubes and Battlestar Galacticakes.

From a specialty Simpsons wedding cake to a dozen halloween brain cupcakes, no order is too big or too small for Geek Sweets.

Drop me a line at, or call 778-991-4335 in the Vancouver area and let's talk nerdy.

Cupcake Menu

Geek Sweets offers a variety of cupcakes suited to all kinds of tastes and budgets. Take a drool-inducing look through our current menu, then drop us a line at or give us a call at 778-991-GEEK to place your order.

Orders are by the dozen, 1 flavour per dozen.


Our classic menu cupcakes are great for large orders and weddings. They can be customised to match your event by changing up a variety of factors - icing colour and flavour, baking cup colour, sprinkles and toppers can all be selected. $3.75 per cupcake / $40 per dozen.

Chocolate Lovers
Rich chocolate devil's food cake with
chocolate buttercream and chocolate sprinkles.

Classic vanilla cupcake and vanilla buttercream, both made with fresh vanilla beans.
Tangy lemon cupcake with lemon buttercream and a sprinkling of sparkling yellow sugar.
Red Velvet
Red velvet buttermilk cake w/a dose of cocoa, topped with heavenly cream cheese frosting.
Cupcake DeLarge
Chocolate cake with a smooth cream cheese frosting and a sprinkling of dark chocolate curls.
Ms Pacman
Vanilla or chocolate cake with yellow vanilla buttercream, topped with girly sprinkles and a little red bow.



Geek Sweets deluxe cupcakes come in a variety of flavours, as creative as they are yummy, with homemade fillings and frostings galore. Sure to make an impression at your next event, our deluxe cupcakes are easy on the eyes AND the tastebuds. Just not on the waistline. $3.75 per cupcake / $40 per dozen.

The Break-Cup
Vanilla cake stuffed with a mouthful of sinful raw cookie dough, topped with brown sugar buttercream, chocolate chips and a mini chocolate chip cookie.

Strawberry Champers
Light cake with fresh
strawberries baked in, topped with pink champagne butter-
cream and bubbly sprinkles.
Cookies 'N Cream
Yummy chocolate cake with an Oreo baked right into the base, topped with Oreo buttercream
and a tiny Oreo.
Did I mention there's Oreos in there?

Light vanilla cake, filled with strawberry whipped cream, topped with a fluffy vanilla frosting
and a chocolate-dipped and drizzled fresh strawberry.
Chocolate Cherry Bob-Omb
Rich chocolate cupcake, filled with cherry pie filling and topped with a
to-die-for cherry frosting, plus sprinkles and a maraschino cherry. For serious cherry lovers only!
Death by Chocolate
Moist devil's food chocolate cake, filled with sinful chocolate mousse, topped with Lindt dark chocolate
frosting. Add a solid white chocolate skull and roses for an additional $2 per cupcake.

Light buttery vanilla cake, filled with jam, topped with fluffy peanut butter frosting and a peanut.
Sammich lovers rejoice!

The Secret of
Monkey Island

Rum-spiked banana cake, topped with caramel cream cheese
frosting, toffee bits and a chocolate-dipped
banana chip.
Save the trip to Hogsmeade! Butter cake filled with dulce de leche, topped with cream soda frosting, then drizzled
with butterscotch.
Raspberry Tart
A tangy lemon cupcake, filled with raspberry jam, topped with both lemon and raspberry frosting and a raspberry on top. Sweet and tart!
The Sting
Honey spice cake with hints of cinnamon, clove and cardamom, topped with a smooth cream
cheese frosting, and a tiny edible flower.
Caramel Apple Pie
Moist apple spice cake, filled with homemade
caramel, topped with caramel cream cheese frosting and a cheddar cheese chip.

Chocolate cake filled with marshmallow creme, dipped in chocolate ganache and graham crackers, topped w/marshmallow buttercream.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup... Cake
Rich chocolate cake topped with fluffy peanut butter frosting and a mini Reese’s peanut butter cup.
The Hello Kitty
Vanilla or chocolate cake, filled with strawberry whipped cream, topped with strawberrymallow frosting, mini marshmallows & edible glitter.
Pink Lemonade
Lemon cupcake with homemade lemon curd filling, topped with pink lemonade frosting, pink sugar sprinkles and a candy heart. Tastes like summer!
Lime in de Coconut
Vanilla coconut cake with key-lime buttercream frosting, topped with sweetened stredded coconut.
Almond Joy
Chocolate coconut cake w/almond buttercream, topped with shaved coconut & toasted almonds, drizzled with dark chocolate ganache.

Veruca Salted Caramel
Moist chocolate cake with caramel buttercream and a drizzle of homemade salted caramel, topped with a pretzel and a sprinkle of fleur de sel.

Hot Fudge Sundae
Brownie cupcake, filled with gooey chocolate fudge, topped with vanilla frosting, drizzled with more fudge. Finished off with rainbow sprinkles, and a cherry on top!
Frank's Fav
The best carrot cake you've ever eaten, topped with a smooth cinnamon cream cheese frosting and candied pecans.
A delicious trio of C's - Chocolate, Caramel and Cream Cheese. Gooey caramel filling and toffee bits atop a mound of caramel cream cheese frosting.
The Lumberjack Special
Chocolate chip pancake cupcake, filled with maple cream, topped with cinnamon buttercream and bacon sprinkles.
Nanaimo Bar
Chocolate coconut almond cake, topped with nanaimo bar frosting, dipped in dark chocolate. A truly Canadian treat!
Sweet vanilla cake, flavoured with Italian roast coffee, topped with mocha buttercream and a chocolate covered coffee bean.
Lemon Meringue Pie
Lemon cake with a creamy lemon pie filing, topped with a toasted meringue topping.
The Fat Elvis
Fit for an unfit king! Banana cake with peanut butter frosting, topped with candied bacon. CANDIED BACON, PEOPLE.
Strawberry Cheesecake
Vanilla cake with cheesecake filling and strawberry cream cheese frosting, topped with a fresh strawberry.
Mint Chocolate
Rich chocolate peppermint cake with a creamy peppermint frosting, topped with mini chocolate chips and a peppermint patty.
Seasonal Cupcakes
Contact us for a listing of our seasonal cupcake offerings. There's always something new and fun in the Geek Sweets kitchen!


Geek Sweets custom cupcakes are the cupcakes of your dreams. If you can imagine it, Geek Sweets can make it a delicious reality. From showcasing your brand, to ordering a cupcake featuring your child’s art, the possibilities are as endless as what’s in your crazy brain meats.

Check out our gallery of past custom cupcakes for ideas or dream up your own. Pricing varies depending on design. Below are some examples of past custom cupcake orders:


X-Men Cupcakes: Cupcakes made for a client's X-Men First Class party. Custom toppers can be made in a wide variety of characters.

Harry Potter: Get your butterbeer cupcakes done up like Potter characters!
Superheros: Great for kids parties (and grown up parties too!) A wide variety of fully edible super toppers are available.