Hold onto your hats and loosen your belts a notch Vancouver! Geek Sweets is now available for custom orders in the greater Vancouver area.

Starting June 2012, Geek Sweets will be working together with Carole's Country Kitchen at the Vancouver Farmer's Markets, and as Geek Sweets at the Baker's Market. We'll also be popping up around the city at various fairs and festivals, so check the Geek Sweets Event Calendar for upcoming market dates and event details!

Coming Soon!

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 Join the Vancouver Farmer's Market for a night of seasonal food and drink - and support local food while you're at it! Click the image above for ticket into.


Specializing in tasty treats for the more geekily inclined, Geek Sweets is a home-based bakery making specialty cakes, cupcakes, cookies and other yummy baked goods. Everything is made from scratch with the freshest Vancouver ingredients, just like grandma used to make. If grandma made cookies shaped like weighted companion cubes and Battlestar Galacticakes.

From a specialty Simpsons wedding cake to a dozen halloween brain cupcakes, no order is too big or too small for Geek Sweets.

Drop me a line at  jenny@geeksweets.net, or call 778-991-4335 in the Vancouver area and let's talk nerdy.

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Rocktober Tutorial: Standup Spiderwebs

How in love am I with this month? The trees start dropping their beautiful fall-hued leaves, the weather hits perfect sweater temperature, and Starbucks gets to have all my laundry money in exchange for an unending supply of Pumpkin Spice Lattes.

Halloween has always been my favourite holiday, much to the chagrin of my family and friends who think Christmas is where it's at. Blame my mother for sending me to school in 6th grade with a backpack full of Stephen King novels and getting me hooked on the macabre at an early age. You try explaining to your teacher why Superfudge just isn't doin' it for you anymore. Then apologizing for scaring the other children by describing how "hobbling" is performed.

Halloween parties have been a long standing tradition for my husband and I. A proud tradition of severed head drinking fountains and giant syringes full of blood red jello shots.

You know, the kind of traditions you pass down to your children.

And since I've become a professional baker, cupcakes have become a part of those Halloween traditions. Partygoers take off their claws and lift up their masks to jam a cupcake in their face and it always makes me happy, as well as giving everyone a little something to stop the Jell-o shooters from hitting them like a ton of bricks.

This week, I'd like to share some of those Halloween cupcakes with all of you. To use in your own HELLiday traditions. To jam in YOUR faces.

First up are these simple but snazzy Standup Spiderweb cupcakes. They're easy to achieve and look great on a Halloween goodie table.

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